Who we are

In the beginning of 1996 the company took the decision to expand its range of activities in the field of powder coatings. By investing in two modern production lines, a complete state of the art lab and manning them with chemists and chemical engineers two years later started production.

Today HB BODY offers a complete range of powder coatings under the following trade names

Formulas based on carboxyl ended saturated polyester cured with βHAA. Suitable for exterior use. Main field of application are aluminum profiles, metal furniture (outdoor), metallic parts for the construction industry exposed to weather conditions.


Formulas based on carboxyl ended saturated polyester cured with TGIC (Triglycidylisocyanurate) . Suitable for exterior use. Highly recommended for clear coats in order to avoid problems associated with βHAA like yellowing and poor degassing.

POW-TEC F and POW-TEC T can be produced at different grades according to customer demands like industrial, architectural and superdurable.


Formulas based on epoxy resins cured with carboxyl ended saturated polyester (hybrid) or based on epoxy systems cured with DICY and/or organic acids derivatives (pure epoxy). Main field of application are metal furniture (indoor), boilers and radiators, household appliances etc.

All the above mentioned powders can produced in any gloss level (flat matt, matt, satin , gloss) Many of special effects are also available like structure, texture, hammer tone, metallic and/or mica effect containing formulas etc.

HB BODY offers a variety of additives in order to improve the performance of powder coating and help the applicators during their daily practice.

Degassing Agent - The addition of 1-2% at any powder coating significantly improves degassing if the substrate is porous and contains entrapped air. Very helpful in case of cast (iron or aluminum) metals.

Matting Agent. The addition of 10-15 % at any powder coating turns it from gloss to matte.

Additive for structure. The addition of 1-2% converts any smooth powder coating to structure effect, even if the base formula contains Flow Control Agent.